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White Paper: 6 Reasons to Upgrade from MAS 90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP

White Paper: 6 Reasons to Upgrade from MAS 90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP

Hear from real companies that migrated from MAS90/200 to Dynamics GP as they compare "Life with MAS90/200" to "Life with Dynamics GP". This white paper consolidate the differences into specific categories to focus on the major benefits of making the change. Whatever the reason, when a company sets out to replace an existing ERP system, it goes out to the marketplace with several major objectives in mind. They want the new system to provide all of the applications needed to run the company effectively today and into the foreseeable future (functionality). They want some assurance that they won‘t out-grow the system‘s capabilities (scalability). They want a state-of-the art system built on standard, open technology and a relational database compliant with modern data retrieval and analysis tools (business intelligence). The new system must incorporate current technologies for integration, communication and collaboration (connectivity and integration). The ideal system will be easy to learn and easy to use (productivity). This is best done by a design that looks and works like ubiquitous office software like Windows, Excel and Word. And the system must be built on solid, proven, yet up-to-date technology that assures performance and reliability (foundational technology). This paper looks at these objectives from the perspective of a company with MAS90/200 that is looking at Microsoft Dynamics GP as a possible replacement system.

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