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Focus Research: Is Your Business Ready for ERP?

Focus Research: Is Your Business Ready for ERP?

As time goes by, a percentage of small businesses grow and some grow very large. To drive and sustain this growth, they need an effective ERP system to manage their business. When small businesses must confront change, they often face challenges in capital structure, staffing, marketing and even technology aspects of their firm. While the smallest businesses can exist with spreadsheet-based or entry-level accounting software, growing enterprises will want to adopt new technologies that are better suited for the increasing business challenges that a growing, larger firm is encountering. At this juncture small businesses will consider ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. This white paper examines four key questions. (1) How do we know we need a new ERP system? (2) What delivery models are available for ERP software today? (3) What are most important factors to consider in a modern ERP selection? (4) What are the potential benefits with the new solution?

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