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Importance of Dynamics NAV for Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors

Meeting the legal rules and regulations while focusing on profit and competitiveness is one of the key challenges of every pharmaceutical company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals ensures the visibility of drugs along with the supply chain right from the time of drug manufacturing till the drug is in the hands of a patient […]

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Improve Inventory Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The most important part of managing supply chain is inventory – where it’s coming from, where it’s stored, and where it needs to go when it’s time to leave the warehouse.  Controlling inventory movement to maximize profitability requires a strong warehouse management system (WMS) and reliable integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Many […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Select Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Your Wholesale Distribution Accounting Software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides accounting and finance solutions to help you track and analyze your business information. With end-to-end integration, you can efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow, in addition to performing bank reconciliations and collections. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Accounting Functionality can even manage your financial processes across multiple […]

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3 Reasons to Streamline Your ERP Solution

To get the most out of your business management system, it’s important to stay current with your upgrades and software maintenance. This will make sure your systems are supported when new versions are released, so that your business can keep operating in an agile manner and maintain high customer satisfaction. But the process of upgrading […]

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Wholesale Distribution and Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Part 2; How Financial Information is Used Throughout the Enterprise

Financial management information forms the foundation of business success. Organizations achieve better performance and planning when financial management data is measured precisely and then made available to decision-makers within and beyond the finance department. In addition to enabling the essential bookkeeping functions, effectively managed financial management information enables organizations to plan, forecast, and track performance […]

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Wholesale Distribution and Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Part 1; Challenges Facing Distributors & How Technology can help!

Wholesale distributors occupy a middle position in the supply chain between manufacturers and secondary distributors or retailers for a wide range of durable and non-durable goods, industrial goods, and consumer products. This positioning presents unique challenges to profitability. In today’s competitive global marketplace—where supply networks are becoming increasingly complex and customers demand more choices, faster […]

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Financial Management for Wholesale Distribution with Dynamics NAV-The Need for an Integrated Solution

Organizations typically generate a lot of disparate information, but often do not have a clear view into the business. Integrating functionality and data sources that traditionally have been stored in separate applications and databases is essential for organizations that want clear insight into data from across the business. Financial management solutions need to integrate processes […]

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What A Prospect Learned When They Didn’t Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP & SalesPad

I recently checked back with my champion at a prospect company, a sale which I lost about four months ago. The selected upgraded software is purchased; the annual plan locked in; funds are spent for implementation, consulting, travel expenses, and training. All that’s left is “free” online training. The key employee that drove the decision has dug his heels in to defend the implementation.

But the truth is, they aren’t live. What happened?

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