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Give Me 1 Minute and 48 Seconds to Show You Why it’s Time to Switch to Microsoft Dynamics GP for Accounting and Full ERP

Just view this video: It's exactly 1 minute and 48 seconds long. We understand that growing your business is difficult. That's why you need a business management system that grows with you. More than 90,000 small & medium-sized businesses have found the right solution to replace outdated financial systems. Why have they chosen Microsoft […]

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Even Small Businesses Have Big Problems; Microsoft Dynamics GP Will Solve Those Problems!

And the same applies for mid-sized business, too. If you’re a small or mid-sized business, I’m 100% sure that you have some big problems to solve. Bigger than which copy machine to buy or what color to paint your new conference room. Maybe you have a problem that isn’t as big as Toyota’s recall of […]

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QuickBooks vs. Dynamics NAV on Limited Accounting Staff

Often we hear from companies who have outgrown their accounting systems and need to do something different.  Usually these companies are running on Simply Accounting or QuickBooks and have hit the ceiling of what they can do with the software.  We are able to solve that problem for most of them by implementing a new […]

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QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Why the Leap is Essential for a Growing Business

Is it time to move from QuickBooks to a full ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP?   It’s a question that many companies have to ask at some point when growth and increasing complexity push the limits of QuickBooks functionality and capabilities to meet their needs.  Price is obviously a factor in this decision, but you […]

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