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An Introduction to Key2Act’s Graphical Schedule Board

The Graphical Schedule Board (GSB) from Key2Act (formerly WennSoft) is a great way to view the schedule of all of your technicians in a single glance. It displays a visual picture of scheduled service, active appointments, and unassigned service appointments. Understanding the legend The GSB can be quite colorful so understanding the legend is important […]

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How to Recruit a Key2Act/WennSoft Partner

Last summer my husband and I took on the task of putting a new roof on our garage. I gathered as much information as possible about the supplies we would need, the quantity of those supplies and information on how much time should be allotted. I made the trip to the home improvement store, rented a […]

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Why Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Have Third Party Products?

When I was first introduced to Microsoft Dynamics GP I was blown away by the capabilities provided by one single software system. GP not only helps companies manage financials, but also human resources, payroll, invoicing, inventory, reporting and much more. Microsoft Dynamics GP seems like a solution that would fit every company and fulfill all […]

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Take Your Business to an Uber Level with Mobile Technology

Uber has recently hit the streets in Fargo and already has become probably the most popular way for people to get around. The concept is still the same as in 1625 when the first carriages for hire would transport people from point A to point B. So why is Uber so popular? The answer is […]

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Top Construction Software: Microsoft Dynamics GP and Key2Act (formerly WennSoft)

One of the top construction software solutions out there is Microsoft Dynamics GP, with the add-on capabilities of Key2Act (formerly WennSoft). From back office to out in the field, the system handles every aspect of a construction business that spans from accounting to payroll to job costing and mobile work orders. The system is great […]

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