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Drive your Sales with Magento Sales Portal

If you have employees or field representatives out on the road, they need a way to easily access information required to close deals without a lot of back and forth communication with back office, missed phone calls and misinformation. In this age of technology it is imperative for businesses like yours to provide your sales […]

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Portals Improving Relationships: 3 Groups of Transparency with Dynamics GP

The core functionality of Dynamics GP (formally Great Plains) will provide features to run your business, but that is only the scratch of the surface. There are many add-on solutions that can take the base functionality of Dynamics GP and provide transparency with not only your internal staff, but also for your vendors and customers.

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Dynamics GP Supports Remote Project Teams And Telecommuters

As organizations extend their reach in the connected economy, supporting workers at home or in remote locations is becoming a necessity of business.  Whether it is a geographically dispersed sales team, remote project teams or telecommuters, the organization needs to efficiently connect remote workers with the information that they need. Dynamics GP provides the tools […]

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Web Portals Interfaced to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Economical, Efficient and Effective

Computeration is helping companies in Idaho and the Pacific NW through their November user group meeting centering on Web Portals. A number of our clients are deploying cost-saving web portals that interface with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The separation between power users inside Dynamics and portal users makes for a very efficient system in regard to cost, security, and performance.

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