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How Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help Tame Your Next Financial Audit

The dreaded financial audit can keep financial managers up at night.  Although many executives consider this a necessary evil, the concern over how accounting operations are being handled and what information is being properly (or improperly) handled raises the anxiety meter to a new level. What many organizations do not realize, even those already using […]

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Integration with LOB Applications Fuels Productivity

Line-of-business (LOB) applications are the software programs that you use to serve the unique needs of your industry. From engineering to health records management to membership services, LOB apps are the specialized applications that support your organization and keep you competitive in your industry. Loss of efficiency While LOB applications provide excellent functionality, fulfilling the […]

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Effective ERP Demands Updated Business Processes

Remote operations, home-based workers and accelerating customer expectations are all reasons that smart organizations are revisiting their current business processes. Many of the processes that worked when the entire team was in one warehouse or office don’t provide the best support for the extended workplace. Customers expect immediate responses with real time status. Department managers […]

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Better Cash Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP: How Does Your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Rank?

One of the most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that a CFO can track is the number of days it takes to collect your receivables in a given amount of time, your Days Sales Outstanding or (DSO).  A critical indicator of your company’s financial health, DSO shows both the age of your company’s accounts receivable […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics GP? Non-Profit Organizations Serve Many Masters – Your Accounting Software Should Not Be One Of Them.

We’ve all been there.  It’s late in the bid process and you need “just one more piece of information” to make your proposal stand out and win that next grant.  Unfortunately, that last golden gem of information is stored in your overseas field office in an excel spreadsheet on a personal laptop, or worse your […]

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Use Dynamics GP And Transform Your Warehouse Into A High Performance Distribution Center

Distribution Centers today are under increasing pressure to deliver efficient pick, pack and ship processes, while simultaneously coping with a myriad of challenges facing their industry.   While many of us may not have walked through a Distribution Center, consider that every time you visit your local grocery store, you are in fact acting as your […]

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