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ACA Safe Harbors – Who Needs ‘em and How do they Work?

With one reporting year behind us we may be thinking that we’ve got this ACA thing down and there is nothing more to learn (or maybe we just don’t want to!). Yet, making sure that your company is using safe harbors efficiently could lead to improved methods of determining affordability and make 2016 run even […]

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Tips for Closing Year-End in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who are up-to-date on their annual enhancement receive year-end and tax updates completely free. These changes allow you to comply with 2016 filing requirements and automatically update your tax tables with little to no work on your part. The GP Service pack update is easily downloaded from CustomerSource and ensures you’re […]

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No Slipping through the Cracks: IRS Will Be Able to Catch an Employer’s ACA Noncompliance

There is still time to figure out how your company is going to meet its Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements for the IRS. Though you might just be hoping that the IRS won’t know you’re there as long as you file other returns on time, its new processing system specific to ACA returns will […]

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Sleep Peacefully When Completing Year-End Tasks

Ok, don’t panic, but we are nearing the dreaded year-end and need to get tax reports and W-2s prepared, printed, and mailed out to all the appropriate parties. You don’t need to call in sick or call in the cavalry to get your year-end tasks completed accurately and on time if you have the right […]

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