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Think Ahead When Considering an ERP Solution

While enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are at the core of a company’s financial, human resources, supply chain and manufacturing systems, if they are not integrated correctly or their functionality is not fully leveraged, they can easily reduce efficiencies and impede day-to-day business operations – in other words, defeat the purpose for which the system […]

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Are We Ready for ERP Software To Integrate with Social Media?

The web of this decade will be remembered as the web of social media. It has become such an integral part of the web that it would be difficult for you to find a website that does not have some level of social media integration. Excluding search engines, all of the web’s top 20 websites […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Rides the 64bit Wave

The Microsoft Dynamics group is one of the more proactive groups, and offers most of its products with 64bit compatibility.  We see a lot of customers purchase 64 bit computers but are then forced to use 32bit operating systems due to software that is still a year behind. One might ask: “Why is this important?”  64Bit operating […]

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MS Dynamics GP Installation Automation Saves Valuable Time and Money

Starting several versions back, Microsoft offered to create an installation ‘template’ or ‘package’ to simplify the installation of subsequent workstation.  With MS Dynamics GP 2010, the ‘package’ has really come of age.  The wizard to configure the ‘package’ now includes virtually every tweak you might need to make if you had to install the workstation […]

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Rolling SmartIT Plan

Technology and business do not work on a calendar or fiscal year.  Plans change, things happen and in order for your business to remain successful, you must plan for changes.  Based on our experience, we’ve developed a 3-6-12-24 month rolling plan.  The goal of this plan is to break implementation actions and reactions away from […]

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Save Money with SmartIT!

Throughout the 16+ years we’ve worked in the IT industry, we’ve seen organizations that fall into one of 3 categories with respect to their IT Management/Budgeting:  1.      IT Deficient/Inefficient The IT Deficient/Inefficient are spending hidden dollars on excess staffing, office expenses, or lost customers and tend to be in denial that IT is as required […]

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