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What do you need to gain complete control of how you manage equipment rental projects?

If your equipment-driven rental company operates multiple depots across countries and even continents, making sense of how you’re using bulk and non-serialized inventory can feel like an international crisis. You’re under continuous pressure to manage equipment rental projects and “work out the differences” across diverse locations to optimize utilization rates, sustain healthy margins across all […]

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Les 7 rapports essentiels à la gestion de votre entreprise de projets avec Microsoft Dynamics GP : #6 – Utilisation par ressource

Dans l’industrie des services professionnels, ce sont vos ressources qui permettent à vos opérations de progresser. Pour que votre entreprise atteigne le plus haut niveau de son efficacité, il est important de surveiller de près les niveaux d’utilisation de vos ressources. Avec une meilleure compréhension des besoins actuels et futurs de votre entreprise, non seulement […]

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The 7 Essential Reports to Managing Your Project-Based Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP: #6 – Utilization by Resource

In the professional services industry, what makes your operations move forward are your resources. In order to ensure that your organization is working at its highest level of efficiency, it is important to closely monitor your resource's utilization levels. By having a better understanding of your organization’s current and future needs, this will not only […]

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Project Billing and the Inexplicably Lost Hour

“Dost thou love life? Then waste not time; for time is the stuff that life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin If you’ve been involved in the professional services field for any length of time, you know that there are those hours that just seem to inexplicably disappear. Despite a diligent effort to keep track […]

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