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Getting in Tune with the Shop Floor with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

The heart. It is an often-used analogy for something central and indispensable to an operation. In the Manufacturing realm, the very heart of a business is the Shop Floor. It’s where “the magic happens.” After all, it’s your product that defines you, and the shop floor is where that product is born. All the supplies […]

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How to Extend Excel with Reporting Parameters

Have you ever tried getting a drink of water from a fire hose? I’m hoping you haven’t… or if you have, you probably didn’t quench your thirst and instead wound up with a headache! There’s enough water flowing from the hose every second to satisfy your thirst for a week – but spilling out so […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP for Higher Education

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provide huge benefits for businesses across all industries. But how are these benefits distinctive to the higher education industry? With the expanding expectations of fast, efficient self-service and online access to grades, enrollment details and payment information, ERP is a necessity for today’s higher education organizations. These scenarios call for […]

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