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How autonomous cars are expected to take over the road

Even though many people don’t or don’t want to agree with them, autonomous cars are the future. However, building these self-driving cars is a bigger challenge than researchers initially imagined. And consumers need to realize that the cars themselves are not yet completely available, but are still in the construction phase. There are still many major […]

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This is how the sharing economy is transforming the rental industry

The modern sharing economy is comparable to online shopping, which started in America 20 years ago. At first, people had concerns about security. But, after making a successful purchase from, say, Amazon, they felt safe buying elsewhere. Similarly, using Airbnb or a car-hire service for the first time encourages people to try other offerings. Next, […]

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You need to know about the emerging trend: Transportation as a Service

Within the automotive industry, a major current trend is Transportation as a Service (TaaS). A shift from personally owned modes of transportation towards mobility solutions that you can consume as a service. There are new questions in this new world of mobility that include: Why own modes of transportation when they are only used 20% of […]

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