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Comment les petites entreprises peuvent tirer profit des feuilles de temps et de Microsoft Dynamics GP

Pour une petite entreprise, implanter une application de feuilles de temps peut signifier un investissement important de temps et d'argent et on se demande souvent si ça en vaut la peine. Cet article fort intéressant sur comment les petites entreprises peuvent tirer profit d’un logiciel de feuilles de temps porte à croire que oui. Ce qui a […]

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Why You Should Embrace 3rd Party Apps for Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a very popular and robust enterprise-level ERP system.  Along with the usual General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and Bank Management modules, GP in its native form can also be purchased with more advanced specialty modules to handle your Payroll, Project Accounting, Multicurrency, Field Service, Intercompany, and Fixed Assets among other things.  GP […]

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How Small Business Can Benefit from Time Tracking and Dynamics GP

I read this article titled How Small Business Can Benefit from Time Tracking and what hit me the most was the part when they mention “without timesheet software, it is very difficult to understand project costs”. Personally, I think it’s even more than just understanding the costs, but properly accounting for them. With a project […]

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Should You Manage Employee Performance Based on Profitability or Productivity?

With a sophisticated ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have easy access to metrics, KPIs, and ROIs that are tailored to track your organization’s goals. Recently, we are seeing a trend in the Professional Service industry of companies now wanting to now include per person profitability to their metrics. In order to do this, you must […]

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