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Our Fool-Proof Guide to Migrating to Dynamics NAV

In the world of technology, few things can be as daunting as migrating to new software. Whether you’re migrating to a new version of a program you’ve used for years, or are migrating from one application to another, the process can be fraught with difficulties. From the complexity of the application and associated data to […]

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The Best Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Throughout its history, Microsoft has always excelled at creating ecosystems, building products that are easy to develop for, along with communities of users who continue to build on those products. Microsoft Dynamics is no exception. One of its greatest strengths is its extensibility, and the Dynamics community has certainly risen to the occasion, creating a […]

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Ready to Get Smart? Etelligent Solutions’ Jesse Byam Schools You on GP and NAV

When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Software Asset Management (SAM), few companies boast the experience and expertise of Etelligent Solutions, Inc (ESI). In business since 2000, ESI has established itself as a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner, achieving gold-certified partnership status with Microsoft. ESI consistently ranks in the top 10 percent of Dynamics […]

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Dynamics NAV vs. AX vs. GP vs. SL – Which One is Right for You?

From the flexibility of the Windows Operating System to the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft software has been an integral part of business operations in the modern world. While they may have been late to the ERP market (not entering it until 2001 when they purchased Great Plains Software), Microsoft has used their robust experience to […]

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