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Fact vs. Fiction… What is the future of Dynamics GP?

Express Information Systems has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 30+ years. During this time, we have heard lots of rumors and stories about the future of Dynamics GP from our clients, vendors as well as our competitors. The FACT is... Dynamics GP is here to stay! Starting with the release last October, all new […]

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Long Term Relationships with 5 Texas Based Non-Profits Leads to Success

Millions of non-profit organizations worldwide are working hard every day to provide goods, services, and resources to benefit their communities. They need to focus on their mission than on technology. However, as these organizations grow, adding personnel, locations, funding sources, and initiatives, a reliable non-profit accounting system is essential. Our team at Express Information Systems […]

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Connecting Faculty Across Campuses: Self Service ERP for Higher Education

When implementing ERP for Higher Education organizations, the main focus is typically on gaining better processes and support for administrative functions and academic services. A huge step toward accomplishing this is to provide your employees with self service functionality in their ERP solution. Self service provides a single connection point, or portal, where employees can […]

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Put Your Dynamics GP Data to Work by Data Mining with Excel

Data Mining is the root task for deriving business intelligence from your warehouse of data. It defines the process of uncovering relationships, patterns and predictions from raw data using algorithms and other methods to display information in graphical and other easy-to-understand formats. There are multiple ways to do this, but data mining with Excel provides some […]

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Tips for Formula / Recipe Security in the Cloud or On Site

Formula and recipe based manufacturers have always required tight security to protect their hard work and laboratory secrets from getting into the competition's hands.  As a value added reseller of Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing software,  CIS has encountered many companies that fit this profile.  Formula manufacturers have chemists and often the owners that develop […]

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11 Tips For Choosing Your Accounting Partner

Successful Accounting Partnerships Trusting your accounting processes and information to an ‘outsider’ is a big step for any small and medium sized business owner.  After all, the ability to track inventory, place orders, send out bills, and collect and managing cash is core to every business and something that every business owner should take very […]

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