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Learn Software Revenue Recognition from an Expert . . . Online

Sign up now for a course on revenue recognition sponsored by the award winning company, Tensoft, a leader in cloud-based services and customized business solutions with clients throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. The informative training course is online and will be taught by Jeffrey Werner, a Silicon Valley software revenue recognition expert with extensive […]

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A Hubbub Over Revenue Recognition for Marketing Promotions

Marketing promotions are a fact of life nowadays. While they vary widely across software companies, SaaS providers, hardware appliance vendors, and other tech 2.0 companies, the effects on revenue recognition share one common theme – they make the accounting process more complex! Working with a wide variety of technology companies, we regularly find the need […]

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Myth Busters! Debunking Popular Myths About ERP Selection and Implementation

It is important to realize that during ERP selection and implementation a person should not always believe everything they hear. Here are some common myths, which I will attempt to debunk: Myth one: “To make a good decision about which ERP system to choose, you’ll need a detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) to send to […]

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Revenue Recognition Software for Small to Mid-sized Businesses?

Out of the numerous industries that have complex revenue recognition requirements, it is pretty safe to say that, in general, technology and software companies are the largest and most affected segments. For these companies, the ability to scale quickly is often a business-critical need. While the main question may be: “Is there a revenue recognition […]

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Prepared for the Revised Revenue Recognition Standards?

Despite the dragging discussions on the unification of IFRS (International Reporting Standards) with US GAAP, the revised proposal to join FASB/IASB is moving forward. This effort will unify revenue recognition internationally, and is expected to go into effect in 2015. While 2015 seems far off, public companies – and companies planning an IPO -- need […]

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Revenue Recognition Solutions for Technology Companies

With high-tech and on-line businesses continuing to deliver more products and services with greater flexibility, the complexity of recognizing companies’ revenues can impact the profitability and credibility of an organization as well as leaving it exposed to serious regulatory  noncompliance. Tensoft’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution enables organizations to deal with today’s revenue recognition complexity […]

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