Microsoft Dynamics vendors provide comparisons and opinions to professionals in the ERP/Accounting software selection process


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How Microsoft Business Solutions Can Set You Apart from the Competition

When you think about your current business technology, do you think of it as an asset or a hindrance? Hopefully, you think of it as an asset, one that helps you anticipate, manage and respond quickly to change. If not, it may be time to start thinking about moving your business to more modern solutions […]

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Infographic: 9 Great Reasons Why Small & Medium Sized Businesses Choose Dynamics ERP solutions

This infographic depicts 9 reasons why so many small and medium sized businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems over other similar solutions.  If you’re an SMB in the market for a new ERP, this is a great place to begin your research. Want to share this infographic with colleagues?  Download a PDF version. By: Laura […]

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Top 10 SMB IT Mistakes

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) can benefit extraordinarily from the adoption and exploitation of technology.  SMBs are often the greatest beneficiaries of gains in productivity, communication, and lowered cost of doing business through the careful application of technology. For decades, SMBs have suffered from the inability to access sophisticated ERP solutions, formalization and automation of […]

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