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L’importance du travail d’équipe durant l’implantation d’un système de gestion

L’implantation d’une solution de gestion des affaires, que ce soit pour les finances ou la relation client, est un projet de longue haleine qui dépend de nombreux facteurs et implique plusieurs personnes. Ne pensez pas que seul votre partenaire d’implantation sera appelé à travailler ! Votre entreprise aura également à cordonner et gérer l’implantation à […]

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The Importance of Teamwork during the CRM and ERP Implementation of a Business Management System

The implementation of a business management system, whether it’s an ERP or CRM solution, is a long process that hinges on several factors and involves many people. Don’t think that only your implementation partner will be working! The input of your organization will be required to coordinate and manage the implementation internally while ensuring that […]

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My 30-day experiment: Can I Run My Small Business on Dynamics 365?

What can you learn about an accounting system in the first 30 days?  Lots! For the past 30 days, I’ve been running an experiment.  My thought was that if I can use Dynamics 365 to run my small business, then I know my clients can too. The topic of moving your business to the cloud […]

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