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Privately Held Distributor on Track for Growth with Integrated Financials, Inventory and EDI

A small privately held distributor based out of Illinois had been through a lot of changes since their start in 1903. Recently, more changes were on the horizon in terms of their need for growth and their struggles with their enterprise resource Planning (ERP) software and distribution management technology. This distributor was feeling the pains […]

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Truths and Myths About Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV Integration to eCommerce

eCommerce is expected to reach $250 billion by 2014 – with a 10% compound annual growth rate. Creating a plan this year to manage growth is a step in the right direction. And it won’t take as long or cost as much as you think. You need to ensure your existing systems are working together […]

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Improve Productivity with System Integration and Microsoft Dynamics GP

The most popular session at last month’s Empower the User Conference in Reston, VA was the final presentation of the day. “Beyond Integrations,” presented by KTL Solutions own Barry Crowell and Frank Reese showed the standing room only crowd how system integration improves efficiency.  From reducing data entry to improving organizational insights, integration of disparate […]

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Solving the Problem of Software Systems That Don’t Talk to Each Other – It’s the #1 Complaint

By Jim Hickey, Vice President, Altico Advisors If you’re running more than one software application, which is true for most companies, and these disparate programs don’t talk to each other, you have a problem.  It’s called duplicate data entry and it’s tedious, time consuming, and costly. Based on my experience chatting with hundreds of prospective […]

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Integration Framework for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

‘Focus on integration rather than major ERP package enhancements’ is #9 on the list of ERP Software predictions for 2010. Given corporate aversion to risk, companies are less likely to bet on entirely new products or risky upgrades.  As a result, vendors are more likely to invest in incremental product enhancements and tighter integration between […]

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Winning the Last 10 Yards of Implementing ERP/Accounting Software

As we sit in the middle of football season and we watch teams struggle to score once they get in the red zone (inside the 20) it reminds me of many of the implementations I have seen over the years.  Clients have already made the important decision to move up from QuickBooks or Peachtree, for […]

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