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Two Crucial Elements of a Successful Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

Having performed hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics GP implementations over the years, we have addressed many questions from clients before, during and after the engagement process. Many wonder if their way is the best way to deploy Dynamics GP while others ask what the recipe is to make sure the implementation is successful.  One lesson we […]

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How to Keep Costs Down in ERP Projects

The primary goals of any ERP implementation are to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This begins right at the very start of the project, before you’ve even chosen your ERP software. By giving careful consideration to a variety of key factors early on, you’ll be better able to control your project costs, more effectively manage […]

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How to Gain Trust in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Realize Your True Potential

Nothing is worse than wondering whether your financials are on track, especially if you’re running a business. Unfortunately, worrying about it doesn’t do much good and spending time double or even triple checking your work can take up too much time, greatly impacting your bottom line.  We here at Sherwood Systems recently worked with a […]

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