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Podcast: Dynamics GP in Multi-Tenant Cloud

Some enterprise resource planning (ERP) products are only available as software-as-a-service (SaaS), hosted in multi-tenant cloud environments where multiple end user companies share the same instance of the software. Microsoft Dynamics® GP on multi-tenant cloud is available, but the venerable software product will probably always be available on-premise, through a perpetual license. That means you […]

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The Next Big Thing! … Microsoft® Windows Azure

What if you could remove the upfront capital expenditure, lower your risk in implementation and pay only for what you need?  The next big thing appears to be Microsoft Dynamics ERP on Microsoft Windows Azure with ISV application as supplements that make sense for your business.  Clients are finding Microsoft Windows Azure and its global […]

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What Does Moving ERP to Subscription Based Mean for Businesses in 2011?

Forrester’s State of ERP in 2011: Customers Have More Options in Spite of Market Consolidation report states, “The enterprise resource planning (ERP) market is heating up in 2011, but despite more on-demand offerings, two-thirds of companies say they will stick with the status quo for their business applications.” Although the report states ERP is heating […]

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Hosted ERP System Benefits

As we talk to people about hosting their ERP systems in the cloud, these are some of the benefits we find people are most interested in:  Pay for what you use – With a subscription based licensing model,  end users only pays for the number of user licenses they are utilizing each month. Lower and […]

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