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Five Upgrade Mistakes That Cost Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Money

Software is a big investment and you should get everything you can out of your purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Many companies lose productivity or spend too much money because of these five errors when it comes to a GP upgrade. You upgrade too soon At Stoneridge Software, we recommend upgrading 4 weeks or more after the […]

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How to Issue a Refund Check in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables

Need to issue a refund check to a customer or vendor? You can cut a check directly out of payables in Microsoft Dynamics GP by using the ‘refund checks’ functionality. All you need to do is set up a customer/vendor relationship. This must be done in order for the refund checks functionality to work. That […]

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How to Compare Sales Receivables to Your GL Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP

At some point, while you're using Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may notice your Accounts Receivable and General Ledger accounts don’t match your trial balance total. The best process to remedy this imbalance is to go through your records on a month by month basis and identify the month where there’s a discrepancy. Once you identify […]

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Five Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need ERP Software

All I Want for Christmas is an Accounting System that Works There’s nothing more frustrating than attempting to work on an old, outdated accounting system that doesn’t fit your needs. Going back and forth between your system and spreadsheets, manually entering and exporting data and attempting to rely on untrustworthy information is nothing short of […]

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Pricing Change for Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

Microsoft has announced pricing changes that will go into effect on July 1, 2014 for customers currently on any Dynamics GP version other than 2013. If you think you’ll need additional users within the next year, you should consider purchasing them before the price jump. Starting July 1, user pricing will increase up to $500 […]

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