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A Fool-proof Method for Preventing ERP Implementation Failures

If your company wants to implement a new ERP solution and you’re looking for the right partner, are you going to pick the first one that offers you the price you want? I would compare that to being blindfolded and told to walk in the street; are you really surprised you got hit by a car? […]

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Why IT Projects Have Such a Bad Reputation

Projects fail for a number of reasons; one of the main reasons is usually due to a very high probability that there is a miscommunication with regard to a project’s requirements, time frames, or objectives. Communication gaps are usually the catalyst for IT project failures since expectations are not clear from the beginning. Before you […]

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5 Steps to a Successful Implementation of Your New Accounting System

What to expect when you are implementing Dynamics GP!  5 steps to success!   “Luck is the residue of design” – Branch Rickey   Successful ERP implementation projects don’t just happen, and they are not merely the result of good luck. They are the product of good design, proper planning and project management, and the […]

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