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SmartList Designer 101 – Powerful Reporting at Your Fingertips in Dynamics GP

There’s no question that your data, locked away safely in the depths of your GP system, can give you a great deal of insight into the operations of your business. Getting it out of the database and into an intelligible form, on the other hand, can be a daunting task, especially if you have very specific criteria. […]

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Dynamics GP User Security Listing or Matrix

Hello all! If you have been a consultant or system admin for a company utilizing Dynamics GP, then you have probably gotten the request to produce a listing of Users with all of their permissions and securities.  Therefore, you probably know that this listing is extremely difficult with out-of-the-box reporting or any kind of simple […]

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Four Useful New Features in Dynamics GP 2015

Microsoft recently rolled out Dynamics GP 2015, and with it, a number of significant new features and abilities. In some ways, this is an update that completely rethinks aspects of the program, while adding features that users have long asked for. So what are some of the top features in GP 2015? Service-Based Architecture One […]

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Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Smartlist and Smartlist Designer Webinar

SmartList and the new SmartList Designer are powerful data mining tools you already own as a part of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Please check out our recorded webinar to learn tips & tricks about SmartList, as well as how to use the powerful features in the new SmartList Designer! This video covers the following topics: Tips & Tricks for SmartList Change existing views Search […]

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eOne’s SmartList Builder squares off against Microsoft’s SmartList Designer

SmartList Builder has had quite a year. On January 1st  everyone’s favorite Dynamics GP module become solely part of eOne’s repertoire of Smart Software products. Over 13,000 mid-market companies have chosen SmartList Builder as their tool of choice to create SmartLists with its power to link up to 32 tables from Dynamics GP, ISVs, Third […]

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SmartList Designer – Another Great Reporting Tool!

It’s being touted as “a cool and new way” to create reports. SmartList Designer is the newest offering in GP2013 SP2. SmartList Designer allows you to create reports based on tables found in Microsoft Dynamics GP and many third party applications.  You can create new SmartLists or copy an existing SmartList. When you are creating […]

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