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How to Configure a Customer or Vendor Portal in 5 Easy Steps

At DynamicPoint, we not only take pride in our Office 365 Applications being flexible and powerful, but also simple. See how quick it is to configure a portal for your customers, vendors or employees in these 5 easy steps. LEARN MORE

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Office 365 and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: The Perfect Match

  As innovative technologies emerge, the world of business continues to shift and evolve. Keeping up with these changes isn’t easy. To succeed, your organization needs the right tools. The Microsoft Office 365 suite is far and away one of the best tools for maximizing your company’s productivity. There are a lot of things to […]

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Automate Your Billable Expenses with DynamicPoint

For many businesses, racking up charges on behalf of a customer is a necessary evil. The key (and likely hardest part of the whole process) is to keep track of of what charges go with which customer. You then - hopefully - pass on all those charges to your customer as billable expenses.  In our latest video, […]

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Web Financial Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We’re happy to announce that the future of Business Intelligence (BI) – and particularly financial reporting – is here.  You don’t want to miss this.  I’m referring to the significant development of a complete tool that solves several business problems, with a focus on business user friendliness, powerful flexibility, and secure collaboration.  Allow me to […]

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Power BI – Sharing the Wealth

Part 5 of a 5 part series By Barry Crowell, Senior Business Consultant at KTL Solutions, Inc. We have put a lot of hard work into this blog series with building a patron analysis so now it’s time to share the wealth of our analysis insights with the rest of the company. Power BI’s web […]

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Dynamics GP Business Portal is Gone, but SharePoint Lives On!

By now most of us have probably already heard the news, Microsoft will discontinue the support of Business Portal with the release Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. The details can be found at the following link, but the gist is as follows: Specifically, the following Business Portal modules will not be available in Microsoft Dynamics GP […]

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The 5 Best SharePoint Features You Don’t Know About

Businesses have a lot of details that need to be attended to. From inventory maintenance to project completion, and from budgeting to marketing, there is a lot of data that needs to be collected and analyzed in order to ensure that the business is running as smoothly as possible. Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP Software), […]

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Use SharePoint to Extend Dynamics GP Business Portal Functionality

Are you using the HR and Payroll modules within Dynamics GP and looking to extend the information and functionality of these modules to your entire organization. If so, SharePoint provides the perfect platform to accomplish the following Employee Self Service (ESS) functions: Employee Profile – Give your employees the ability to view and correct their […]

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