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The Latest Information Tracking Tool from Microsoft: Lists – – Formerly SharePoint Lists

While your ERP system helps to keep business data and information organized, you need a tool that can help you track, manage, and organize work to ensure teams are completing projects on time. Introducing Microsoft Lists, a new information tracking tool by Microsoft.   Designed to replace SharePoint Lists, this new tool has optimized many […]

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How the Retirement of SharePoint 2010 Could Destroy Your ERP Business Processes

How does SharePoint 2010 being discontinued going to effect your ERP system? Find out how one organization thought they were good to go but after running the Modernization Scanner we found 1000's of broken workflows.   SharePoint 2010 was a tool used to support various data formats and unify operations within a business, making it […]

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How To Reduce The Cost of ERP and CRM Licenses Using Microsoft Sharepoint

Most companies today still have islands of information throughout their organization.  Accounting has their own general ledger, receivables, and payables systems.  Other departments like sales, human resources, or manufacturing often have their own systems, non-integrated applications and tons of resulting duplicative data.  For example, both the accounting and manufacturing departments would have their own vendor […]

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