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How to Create a More Efficient Grant.sql Script for Dynamics GP

Most people who work with Microsoft Dynamics GP have had to run the Grant.sql script before, but they probably couldn’t actually tell you what it’s used for or why they need to run it. The one thing that I noticed about the script is that if you run it on a very large database, it […]

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Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP

Purchase requisition functionality was first introduced into Microsoft Dynamics GP in GP2013 R2. In GP2016, this functionality is now integrated with the Project Accounting module as well.   By utilizing the new self-service user type and the improved web client functionality in GP2016, you can now implement a web-based purchase requisition process across your organization […]

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How to Recover a Stuck Batch from Microsoft Dynamics GP

“Help! My batch is stuck in GP!” This is the most common call coming across our Help Desk at The Resource Group. This situation arises when someone is trying to edit or post a batch of Financial, Payables or Receivables transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The symptoms are typically either that the Batch Status shows […]

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Reassign Customer Payment within Microsoft Dynamics GP

Did you enter a payment for the wrong customer? Is the payment already posted? No problem! The Resource Group has developed a utility within Microsoft Dynamics GP that enables you to easily reassign a Cash Receipt to a different customer.   Steps to reassign a Customer Payment: Open the Reassign Customer Payment window Sales>Utilities>Reassign Customer […]

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BI360 for Dynamics GP, An Alternative Option for Management Reporter

You’re probably aware that FRx has been officially retired and Management Reporter has taken its place as the primary reporting option for Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, as users transition to Management Reporter some are disappointed with the lack of features and functionality that was supposed to separate it from FRx. And Management Reporter, once believed […]

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4 Tips to Successful BI in Your Business

GIGO  − Garbage in, Garbage out − seems to be more prevalent now than when the acronym was first coined.  Apply this to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Business Intelligence (BI) and the results can be lethal.  More and more companies are spending extensive amounts of money implementing BI tools, yet not addressing […]

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Yearn to Learn – Empowering Success by Educating Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

In today’s fast-paced business world, the key to maintaining a competitive edge is to have employees who are knowledgeable about all of the functions and capabilities of the software they are using. The Microsoft Dynamics GP business solution has unbounded potential that can only be realized by an educated user. There are several convenient options for you […]

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Power up your Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel Reports with PowerPivot for Excel

One of the best reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the out of the box Excel Reports which provide a refreshable data connection to your Dynamics GP data directly from Excel.  This enables users to build out Excel spreadsheets with formatting, formulas, and pivot tables all connected to a live refresh of your Dynamics […]

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