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Salesforce bans retailers selling guns from using their CRM. It’s time to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Salesforce is taking gun restrictions to an entirely new level. They’ve banned their customers from selling automatic and semiautomatic weapons, 3D-printed guns, accessories such as magazines (more than ten rounds) and flash or sound suppressors.     Mark Oliva, public affairs director for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, suggested that this Salesforce policy change was an example of yet another corporation using its power to advance left-wing causes.       Is this […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce Forecasting and Analyses

If your business has a sales and marketing team, and your business wants to show your customers that they are top priority, a customer relationship management (CRM) software is probably a good thing to invest in. If you are not familiar with CRM, let me give you an overview of it, as well as examples […]

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