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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Document Attach

Lose the filing cabinet, keep the information! Dynamics GP has a great feature that goes a long way to becoming a paperless office. Using the Document Attach feature, you can attach any type of file to a master record or transaction inside of Dynamics GP. Three of the more common uses for this feature are: […]

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Transform The Way Your Team Sells Series: Relationships At Scale

Most companies have two main parts for their customer lifecycle; customer acquisition and service delivery. During the customer acquisition phase, the salesperson is very active in gaining the customer’s trust, after the customer decides to purchase the service/product, it’s your job to provide value, and trust that has been promised to them, this opportunity can […]

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GP Optimizer 2018 – Winter Edition – ARTICLE

GP Optimizer 2018 - Winter Edition Download your free copy of GP Optimizer Magazine - Winter 2018 for great articles on how to optimize your experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Don't forget to check out our articles on page 25: Quote to Cash in Dynamics GP and page 30: Managing Leases under ASC 842 and Dynamics GP. Help us show you […]

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Is Your eCommerce Store Achieving Budgeted Sales Targets?

Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions   Fact: eCommerce site not making enough sales Many companies who have expanded in the eCommerce world have faced disappointment when their eCommerce web store has failed to perform as well as they expected. Reason: eCommerce is much more than an online web store Just designing a good […]

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Customer/Vendor Consolidations in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, customer/vendor consolidations allow you to set up a relationship between a company that is a vendor as well as a customer. If you’re purchasing and selling items to the same company, you’ll save time and resources by setting up customer/vendor consolidations. This functionality consolidates the balance you owe and the balance […]

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How to Compare Sales Receivables to Your GL Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP

At some point, while you're using Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may notice your Accounts Receivable and General Ledger accounts don’t match your trial balance total. The best process to remedy this imbalance is to go through your records on a month by month basis and identify the month where there’s a discrepancy. Once you identify […]

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How To Process A Sales Return On A Sales Invoice

1.     Create a sales batch : go to Sales / transactions / Sales Batch 2.     Go to transactions 3.     4.     Type/Type ID = Return / Return 5.     Document No : Auto populate 6.     Customer ID = select the cust number 7.     Date = return date 8.     Go to Additional and select Create Return 9.     10.  […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Now Available

Santa delivered a gift early this year – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 has officially been released! This new version includes updates to some of the most commonly requested items like: Expanded workflows to help streamline financial, purchasing, sales, payroll, and project expense related approvals. These new native workflows enable customers to quickly customize their solutions and […]

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Managing Your Vendors in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Managing an efficient supply chain can be challenging. Knowing where to get raw materials or products at the best price and on time is no easy task, especially when you work with dozens or hundreds of vendors. Using innovative technology, such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and workflow software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP with […]

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