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Audit Preparation: How to Stay on the Auditor’s Nice List

Reposted from Preparing for an audit is more than a defensive strategy employed by smart companies. Audit readiness creates accountability between departments and core functions and ultimately strengthens and protects the bottom line.  Here’s why being prepared is crucial: Wakefield Research found that a typical negative audit can cost a business more than $96,000.  […]

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Automating the Exemption Certificate Lifecycle

Prudent and proactive businesses are constantly investigating and implementing new methods to reduce their sales and use tax audit liability and increase staff productivity because these savings go directly to the bottom line. In today’s economic environment, these goals have taken on added urgency. Virtually all states are experiencing significant revenue drops coupled with higher […]

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The Dark Side of Sales Tax Compliance: 12 Sales Tax Tips for 2013

2012 was a turbulent year in the world of sales tax, and 2013 promises to be just as wild. With multiple online sales tax bills currently before Congress, and states passing their own so-called “Amazon laws”, it can be tough to keep up with it all. Couple that with the fact that states are expected […]

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10 Sales Tax Tips for Your Business

With thousands of rate, rule, and boundary changes every year and an epic legal debate over e-commerce taxation, sales tax has never been more complicated. Yet at the same time, cash-strapped states are hiring more auditors and looking to make sure they collect every penny due to them. Those two factors combined make you more […]

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Is Sales Tax Automation With Microsoft Dynamics The Way To Go?

A customer recently asked the following questions: Can I automate my entire sales tax process using Microsoft Dynamics and still be able to have my tax department review all liabilities and ensure compliance? The answer is YES. Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP and NAV integrate seamlessly with Avalara's AvaTax services to provide accurate sales tax rates […]

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Risky Business: Sales Tax and Audits. Microsoft Dynamics Has the Solution

It’s great to be a high roller when you are visiting your favorite Las Vegas hot spot. But it’s not quite as rewarding when your entire business is at stake. Without even knowing it, that is the kind of high stakes gamble that many business owners are making when they fail to take adequate care […]

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