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3 Things to Consider Before Investing in SaaS ERP Software

SaaS ERP is an innovative solution that has revolutionized ERP for small and medium sized companies, and as a result, more and more companies are. The number of businesses who rely on cloud solutions has doubled over the past few years, given their speed and efficiency. Some of the most commonly used Internet-based applications in […]

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“What If” Scenarios Help to Align your ERP Software Security Needs with your Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider

Different SaaS offerings have different levels of security. Finding the perfect match can prove challenging because your unique business needs differ from other companies'. First thing you’ll want to do is assess your security concerns, making a detailed list of “what if” scenarios that could gravely affect your business. Here are a few key examples […]

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The Cloud and Your Company: Governing a New Way Forward

CIO’s are increasingly looking toward cloud hosted solutions to solve their most pressing problems in 2011. As we all know, there is the potential for significant cost savings to an organization in “moving to the cloud”.  The most common ways are through reduced infrastructure, operations, and maintenance costs which are outsourced to a trusted third […]

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If You Could Have KPI’s Delivered to Your Phone, Would You Do It?

We just released our first set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) available on the Windows Phone 7. Customers of myGPcloud are able to view real-time company data, such as sales, cash, orders, receipts, and payables due.  These KPI’s can be made available to specific users based upon security and roles within the myGPcloud ERP solution.  […]

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Thinking About Software As A Solution (SaaS)?

In a recent (2009) conference, hosted by Computerworld, it became clear that SaaS is now mainstream.  To quote some of the attendees: “SaaS adoption has moved past the ‘tipping point’” “A new ecosystem is forming around Cloud computing that will transform the IT sector.” “SaaS is not an optional disruptive technology.” “Cloud, SaaS and Mobility […]

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