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5 Ways ERP Can Deliver an ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) regarding an ERP software solution rarely touches an important underpinning of every business, the human element. ROI is typically measured on the basis of the statistical value of operational efficiency, accurate financial reporting, and defined business requirements. However, behind the scenes of every business environment lies a dynamic relationship between employees, […]

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Achieving ROI Through Mobile Inventory Automation

One common challenge Clients face when sourcing mobile inventory automation is presenting management with their findings.  Looking strictly at price is common.  Understanding ROI (Return on Investment) is less common.  Oftentimes it is difficult to put $ savings to a concise spreadsheet in an easy to understand format.  The results of a well-constructed ROI can […]

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Five Factors when Determining Your ERP Software Return on Investment

If you make the decision to invest in ERP Software, you want to be sure your return on investment is well worth it.  No one likes throwing away money, especially when it comes to your business.  You can’t afford to be frivolous in your spending habits.  Here are five factors to take into account when […]

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