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Are You Including ACA in Your Growth and Risk Management?

Running a successful business isn’t all about profits. You also have to manage risk. While you may keep a close eye on the more obvious processes, like manufacturing processes for product recalls, for example, some risks are less apparent. Growth often means hiring new employees and, if you aren’t keeping an eye on your headcount, […]

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How Can Microsoft GP Balance Your Business Goals and Risk Management?

As the business evolves, so, too, do the roles for CFOs. When asked which areas are most important for increasing finance officers’ contributions to their companies’ success, respondents chose a deeper external knowledge of industries and markets, as well as a stronger understanding of their own businesses, ranking them as highly as they do sophisticated […]

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Managing Risks and Issues on Your ERP Project

Every project worth doing has risk. And every ERP project that consumes resources, time, money and attention will inevitably have a long list of risks that need to be managed, or at the very least monitored. Sometimes you hear people use the terms Risk and Issue interchangeably as if they were describing the same thing. In […]

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics GP Help Leverage Risk and Error?

As business has changed, so has the role of finance. Over the last half century, finance leaders have gone from bean counters to the boardroom; the responsibilities of finance leaders have evolved to encompass everything from business strategy to operations to IT to risk management. Use technology to securely automate processes within your finance department and […]

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Risk Management Strategies for Process Manufacturing

Some risk is accepted as part of the business model for process manufacturing. But, for most management teams, it’s an uneasy reality. With constant fluctuation in the commodities market, the solution to protecting agri-based manufacturing businesses is having reliable risk management strategies.  The definition of risk covers more than just the financial and hedging aspects of commodities. […]

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Protecting Your Business from Risks Including Employee Crime

Business owners and managers are familiar with the common risks that can plague a business – from supply chain disruption to product quality and the resulting unsatisfied customers.  However, there is another common risk that may not get the attention it deserves – employee crime schemes. Ideally, you should be able to trust your employees. […]

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