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New Web Store? Your Checklist for Success in 2018

This article was originally featured in the k-eCommerce Blog. You can read the original article here. Thinking about opening a new web store in 2018? We’ve got some good news: getting the web store you need is easier than you think.  Whether your online objectives are to generate more revenue, instill brand loyalty, or gain that competitive edge, […]

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Seven eCommerce Strategies to K.O. the Competition

Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions eCommerce has become an extremely convenient tool to help consumers find and purchase the products and services they want.  Per some estimates, there are about two million eCommerce sites. With eCommerce being such a competitive arena, it is essential to consider some well-tested strategies that will knock out […]

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Meeting Consumer Expectations: Mobile Friendly eCommerce for Dynamics GP

Partner with us       Frequently Asked Questions Like everything else, the business world was also affected by the information superhighway.  The convenience of making purchases online was recognized as a new avenue. Selling online has been quite profitable for those who have taken the time to understand and take the advantage of online sales. Understanding […]

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Beat the competition with responsive web design and x2x eCommerce for Dynamics GP

 Partner with us          Frequently Asked Questions   Introduction Responsive web designs for eCommerce sites are intelligent designs. Responsive designs have the ability to adjust themselves based on the device being used to access the website or eCommerce web store. The Growing Popularity of Mobile devices With the Smartphone gaining more popularity, about 60% […]

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