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When Should You Upgrade Your Accounting Software? | Microsoft Dynamics SL

When a business pushes against the limits of its business system, once-simple processes like payroll and invoicing quickly become very complex and new business opportunities begin to require more complicated resource management and billing methods. About the time companies are calculating the ROI of software changes, many businesses run the risk of lost business due […]

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L’importance d’avoir les bons outils pour réussir ses projets

Le International Community for Project Managers a écrit un article sur les « Cinq aspects à surveiller dans le cadre de vos projets » (en anglais) afin d’assurer leur succès. Ce billet explore en détails les différents éléments qu’un gestionnaire doit garder à l’esprit dans la gestion de ses projets. Afin que les entreprises puissent faire en […]

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The Importance of Having the Right Tools to Ensure the Success of Your Project

The International Community for Project Managers wrote an article on the “Five Areas That Must Be Watched on Your Project” in order for your project to be successful. This blog goes into the details of the different issues that a project manager must keep in mind when managing their project. I thought about what kind […]

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