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Here’s why IoT should be part of your asset management strategy

The Internet of Things may not yet be part of your equipment-driven company’s IT infrastructure and equipment-driven asset management strategy. There are a few good reasons to incorporate IoT. Here’s a quick look at how data from IoT sensors can mix with business and customer data. This way you can work more effectively with equipment […]

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Prevent or Fix – How DynaRent helps prevent asset breakdowns

A common saying states that it is better to prevent than it is to heal, or in this case, to fix. This also applies to asset management within businesses. It is preferable to fix an asset malfunction or breakdown before it even happens – a concept often referred to as preventative maintenance. This practice is […]

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Rent, Service, Repeat – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Equipment Rental Management

If you rent out equipment in construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, or any other type of mobile equipment, then you likely depend on an ERP system to manage your complex billing and contract scenarios. Your industry-specific challenges may be addressed by equipment rental management software, but does it flow seamlessly into your ERP and CRM processes? […]

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