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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Property Management (Year in document description)

Did You Know (Revenue Lease Sales)... In the generated revenue lease sales invoice, you can mark “Include Year in Document Description” checkbox in PrM Setup to instruct PrM to have the year included in the billing start/end dates in the line item's description.  

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Property Management (SSRS Reports)

Did You Know (SSRS Reports)... In addition to reports from various inquiry windows, you should take advantage of the SSRS Reports such as Rent Roll Report, Forecast Reports, Lease Summary Reports, Lease Expiration Summary Report, and Sales Report.

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Property Management with Binary Stream – WEBINAR

Whether you manage commercial or residential properties, Binary Stream's Property Management solution does a great job of helping you manage the complexity of your real estate lease agreements. Join our Solutions Consultant Don Ramsay as he demonstrates how Property Management is a powerful solution allowing you to: Drop the painful, manual labor of spreadsheets and […]

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