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The Marketplace Is Constantly Changing, Can You Keep Up?

If there is anything ‘for certain’ in today’s marketplace, it’s that nothing is ‘for certain’.  Changes can happen at any moment - a supplier doesn’t deliver, customers have change orders, and regulatory agencies can change the rules.  If you can’t be responsive and keep up with the pace of change, then your profits and customer […]

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Achieving ROI with a Best-of-Breed Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

Combat Medical, an Appolis WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management (WMS) Customer, did a careful market analysis in selecting their WithoutWire Microsoft Dynamics compatible WMS. They were focused on a best-of-breed solution that would be rich in functionality, scalable into the future and provide them a rapid return on their investment. Sounds easy, but you might be surprised. […]

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PODCAST: Real Time Posting in Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a highly batch-oriented system. It was designed to allow transactions to be stored and then reviewed or audited before they are populated into the financials, including the general ledger. There are third-party posting solutions for Dynamics GP that will allow you to circumvent this review or auditing step, and many people may […]

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Making the Move to Mobile

According to the PewResearch Internet Project, 56% of American adults own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet. While this means a great deal for virtual social interactions, it also means businesses must consider mobile devices as a resource for improving client and employee experiences. Mobile technology is currently driving a lot of decisions for […]

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Un-Tether Warehouse Employees From The Computer

Warehouse workers often need to be close to a computer to update inventory, pick-pack-and-ship, or access other customer data as items are moved around the warehouse and sent to customers. Productivity can suffer and data can be delayed as employees travel about the warehouse and docks or between buildings.  Give warehouse processes a boost by […]

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You Need These Two Key Factors To Drive Business Growth

In order to drive solid business growth, you need to have both data and action.  You need the data to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  Secondly, you need to be able to take swift action to leverage your data to your advantage. In this era when ‘big data’ is the big buzzword, it’s important to […]

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Analyzing Data from Your ERP Software

Your retail ERP software contains information vital to decision-making, from total sales per store to potential inventory shortages, to customer buying trends. Knowing what to look for can help you take advantage of the information available to you. Drill down for detail, drill up for general trends You should be able to access information to […]

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Gut Feeling vs. Real Data – How Did Last Year Go?

Looking back at last year, you may have a gut-feeling about how the year went.  Relationships with suppliers may have been smooth and predictable, fluctuating production activities were easily weathered, and you may expect financial reports to show a profit.   However, in the real world things may not have gone quite as well as you […]

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