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Outgrowing QuickBooks: How Do You Know It’s Time To Move Off of QuickBooks?

This is a common topic for sales and marketing people wanting to move organizations off the QuickBooks accounting system.  This perspective is from someone who has actually started up a business over twenty years ago and used QuickBooks even though we sold a much more capable system. Our company has since grown large enough that […]

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Answers from a Rental Software Expert: Rental Industry Growth, Pains, and Solutions

After our time at Las Vegas for The Rental Show, I was interviewed to show what I took away from this year’s event. In a nutshell, I took away a LOT more than sleep deprivation… What was different at this year’s Rental Show? I think the biggest thing is that the economy seems to be […]

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Drilling Fluid Manufacturer/Distributor Switches from QuickBooks to NAV-X for Industry Specific Capabilities

If you’re in touch with the news, you’ve heard about the recent oil booms popping up all over the United States; North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas are all experiencing a huge economic shift because of oil and gas in those regions. Due to these booms,  manufacturers and distributors of drilling fluids are in high demand […]

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