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5 Ways to Be the GP Payroll Hero

Payroll processing, regardless of your software solution, is a task that often involves making corrections, tracking hours in complicated ways, creating refunds, and modeling pay scenarios. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, all of these situations are possible to manage, but they require numerous manual steps and can be pretty tricky to get right. Integrity Data specializes […]

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Here are a Few of My Favorite Things in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll PART 3: Comprehensive Leave Tracking

After telling you all about the GP Payroll Freebies and some affordable Payroll Mistake Fixers, time to turn to my all-time favorite: Comprehensive Leave Tracking Leave management has evolved into so much more than just vacation time and sick days. Companies might offer comp time, allow employees to utilize time for volunteer activities, or provide […]

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PTO Manager vs. Standard Human Resources Module in Microsoft Dynamics GP

The starter pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP includes the Human Resources and Payroll modules that allow you to easily account for vacation and sick time. Each employee’s profile can be customized to how much vacation time they can accrue overall. Drawbacks to this system include the inability to change the level of accrual based on […]

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What are the benefits of Advanced Human Resources and PTO Manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes HR and Payroll functionality that is more robust than most other ERP products provide. However, there are some limitations for companies that need more in-depth or industry-specific functionality. That’s where Advanced HR and Payroll steps in. This article will highlight the differences between what is included in Microsoft Dynamics GP and […]

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Managing Leave Time in Microsoft Dynamics® GP

PTO (Paid Time Off) Manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to automate the process of figuring out and compensating employees for situations calling for paid time off – be it for sick leave, vacation or personal days, etc. The system works well, up to a point. Introducing Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager. What is […]

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Payroll And Paid Time Off Manager Module for Microsoft Dynamics GP

It’s that time of year again, you may be looking at how to best administer your unique and complex PTO (paid time off) Plan without spending weeks sifting through data, and the costs and time involved for the payroll team to manage manual PTO recordkeeping. There is a way to enable your staff to manage complex […]

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