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Professional Services Companies Improve Utilization with Highly Engaged Workers and PSA Solutions

Employee utilization is the number one factor in determining profitability for professional services firms and project-based businesses. However, recent staff shortages make it hard for firms to keep utilization up. Staff shortages have escalated to become the top emerging risk organizations face globally, according to Gartner, Inc.’s latest Emerging Risks Survey, making it more important […]

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What Professional Service Firms Can Learn from Baseball About Improving Utilization

This winter season, in the Southeast, we received a touch of spring after the polar vortex swept through. It was in the mid-70s, and I was filled with excitement about spring, and baseball, of course. With spring training around the corner, I started thinking, how can professional services firms become like a winning baseball team? […]

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Is Your ERP System Interfering with the Profitability of Your Business?

The Theory of Constraints is a business management approach proposed by Dr. George Friedman at the University of Southern California. According to his theory, a business constraint is anything that interferes with the profitability of a company or business endeavor. Project-driven firms can improve profitability by moving beyond the constraints of their basic accounting system. Small […]

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Professional Services Automation for Project-Centric Companies – Why Do I Need It?

The following post is by Robbie Morrison, Chief Solution Strategist at SBS Group. I'm often asked about PSA (Professional Services Automation) solutions by potential buyers. They have a long list of questions, but for the most part, they are trying to find the answer to one question: "How do I sell it to our executive […]

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