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Managing Risks and Issues on Your ERP Project

Every project worth doing has risk. And every ERP project that consumes resources, time, money and attention will inevitably have a long list of risks that need to be managed, or at the very least monitored. Sometimes you hear people use the terms Risk and Issue interchangeably as if they were describing the same thing. In […]

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L’analyse de projet: une phase clé pour toute implantation de Microsoft Dynamics GP

Lors de l’implantation d’un nouveau système ou d’un nouveau module, la phase d’analyse devrait être votre première étape car elle est sans aucun doute la plus importante. C’est le moment de vous assurer, à l’interne et avec votre partenaire, que tout le monde comprenne bien le projet et que les objectifs d’optimiser les processus d’affaires […]

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The Analysis Phase of a Project: An Important Piece of Any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

When implementing a new system or a new module, the analysis phase should be your first step as it is the most important one. This is when you will define internally and with your partner to ensure that everyone understands the project and that both groups are properly aligned with the goal of optimizing your […]

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