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Visual Production Schedule for Dynamics NAV

A shop flor production schedule is a vital component of any manufacturing process. Managing work centers, equipment, materials, and people to ensure production orders stay on-track and meet deadlines is an on-going juggling act. For production planners and others that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage their manufacturing process, there is now a graphical dispatch list available […]

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Insight Works Rolls Out Functionality-Packed Shop Floor Insight Release 6.0

Insight Works, creators of the original Shop Floor Insight, the innovative Microsoft Dynamics NAVadd-on of choice for shop floor data collection, announced the launch of its functionality-packed Shop Floor Insight Release 6.0. According to Insight Works representatives, the comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time/attendance and employee time management has received a “shot in the arm” via Release […]

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Manufacturing Downtime Is NOT An Option

Manufacturers know very well that downtime can be expensive.  Many manufacturers even have estimates of what it could cost when the lines are down for a half-day, full day, or longer.  Although there could be many issues that can result in downtime, supply chain disruption has to be close to the top of the list.  […]

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Formula Manufacturers: Inventory Control Issues A Recipe For Disaster

Most formula manufacturers that I encounter are constantly looking at ways to improve their inventory costs and reliability.  Nothing is worse for them than having a customer order and/or production ticket ready for staging only to find that the raw materials are not available.   During my review of business processes for prospects, many times the Material Planner/Purchasing Manager is […]

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Warning Graphical Material: Where is My Production Schedule?

I have worked with mid-sized manufacturing companies for over a decade and have looked at several APS or Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems that integrate to ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Especially a graphical tool with a Gantt chart that production planner can change the schedule by dragging and dropping!   Most manufacturing companies don’t […]

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