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Improve Your Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Are you manually exporting data from your ERP system to Excel and compiling several spreadsheets? Are you manually formatting reports and presentations? If this is you, there is hope and no need to dread over your company’s budgeting process. There are tools to improve your budgeting and reporting processes. We will cover key features you […]

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The Best and Most Affordable Reporting Tools

This article discusses about modern reporting, using BI360 as an example of a system that is affordable and helps organizations to make better business decisions. As we are approaching a new decade, many organizations are looking to modernize their financial reporting processes. Most companies these days are always seeking a cloud-based report writer that can […]

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Top Reasons You Need to Partner with a CPM Company

This article will focus on the benefits of partnering with a company that offers a corporate performance management solution as a product. Companies around the world are in search for affordable and user-friendly corporate performance management (CPM) tools to fulfill their needs. In other words, to understand the needs of a customer is the primary […]

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How to Use CPM in the Budget Planning Process

This blog post will help you navigate budgeting and planning with corporate performance management solutions.   The right CPM solution will save you time and money. A key benefit of a CPM software is the ability to automate your processes. The first step is to figure out how to improve your organization’s budget planning process. […]

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