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Boost your rental system implementation with great employee attitudes

A equipment, rental and service system implementation can be difficult enough. Besides the technical challenges, everyone has to adjust to the changes. It’s vital to the process that all your employees are positive and supportive. But how do you create an environment where positive attitudes can flourish? Of course, it’s naïve to think that it […]

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The new rental system. How can you help employees transition faster?

You have discovered that your rental company needs to change to keep up with the digital innovations. You’ve done a lot of research and decided which rental solution to implement. Of course, you’ve included your employees in your research and decision-making. Most of your employees are behind your decision. You have made sure they are […]

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How To Process A Sales Return On A Sales Invoice

1.     Create a sales batch : go to Sales / transactions / Sales Batch 2.     Go to transactions 3.     4.     Type/Type ID = Return / Return 5.     Document No : Auto populate 6.     Customer ID = select the cust number 7.     Date = return date 8.     Go to Additional and select Create Return 9.     10.  […]

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The Cost of Doing Business is Increasing

Combat rising costs with a successful implementation of new business management software. Stay within budget and your targeted timeframe with a sound selection process, good process analysis, and proven implementation methods.

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Productivity Tips For Microsoft Dynamics GP

Both new and advanced users can add efficiency to routine processing by leveraging the features built into Microsoft Dynamics GP.   Below are just a few tips for increasing productivity. Use Keyboard Shortcuts There are numerous keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Users that spend a significant time each day performing data entry work can […]

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