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How Big is the Stack of Papers On Your Desk? Streamline with Microsoft Dynamics GP!

If you’re getting out the measuring tape, this blog is for you! Stacks and stacks of paper piling up on your desk are probably making you feel incredibly overwhelmed each day. Just the sight of that paperwork isn't healthy for you OR your business.  By automating accounting procedures, you can eliminate those paper stacks while […]

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Microsoft Offers Grants to Help Nonprofits

It’s no surprise to anyone that in these tough economic times, many people turn to their local nonprofits for help in meeting basic human needs. But the increased demands for help hit nonprofits at the same time that their own revenues are declining because of the economy.....Technology offers a number of options for nonprofits to implement those efficiencies through accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, through customer relationship management to track communications to and activity from constituents, and other Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint. Plus, Microsoft also offers grants that help nonprofits better serve their communities.

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Should ERP Software Buyers Have Their Heads in the Clouds?

So here we are barreling ahead with Cloud Computing and SaaS (software as a service) – a pay as you go approach. Microsoft is offering MS Office in the clouds and Google has their cloud answer to the MS Office suite. Take a look at this link that defines exactly what Cloud Computing, both public […]

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