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Upgrading an Accounting System: What EVERY Long-Term Healthcare Facility Should Know

The business environment within Long-Term Healthcare Facilities poses unique challenges to profitability. By replacing outdated accounting systems with more powerful solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP, small independents can reap many benefits – higher efficiency, more productivity, faster growth. While demand for nursing care is linked to demographics, profitability of individual facilities depends on efficient operations, […]

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Achieve ROI: Before You Buy ERP Software, Consider Your Business Processes

by Claude E. White III If you are in the market for new ERP software, you have to (or soon will) budget up to six figures in cash, and make considerations for training, down-time, start-up time, and opportunity costs. Chances are you won’t do that just to get a fancy new splash screen – you […]

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Have You Heard About SaaS? Is It Right For You?

Let’s start off with a little quiz. SaaS is: A) a discount airline offering direct flights to Finland, B) a turbo charged automobile well suited for the German Autobahn, C) Software as a Service, D) not as good as the hype would have you believe. If you answered “C”, you get points for accuracy. If you answered “D”, you have passed the quiz with honors! (Don’t feel bad if you answered A or B)

Simply put, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a delivery method for software in which the applications are hosted by a third party, rather than reside on your servers. To access the software, you pay monthly subscriptions fees based on the number of users. At first glance, this model seems very attractive - no upfront software costs, fast implementation, no new hardware to purchase and maintain. But there are many critical factors to take into account if you are considering SaaS solution.

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