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2020 Tax Changes, Resources and GP Updates

Are you up-to-date with the 2020 tax changes? Complex payroll administration is a major headache for many growing businesses. To help you out, we’ve summarized a few of the tax changes that may affect you this year. Federal Payroll Tax Updates for 2020 The minimum salary level for White Collar exemptions increased from $455/week to […]

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Don’t Run the Automatic Payroll Tax Update in GP Without Considering This!

 There were changes to U.S. Payroll Taxes as late as November in 2012, while some of those same states already have tax changes in 2013 too.  So, be sure you ONLY have the 2012 Payroll Taxes in your system while running the last payroll run for 2012.  If your system is updated prematurely with the tax changes for […]

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