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Make 2018 the Year to Streamline Benefit Management

Benefit programs are as important to your employees as they are to your business. The right combination of benefit packages can attract skilled talent, reduce turnover and improve morale throughout your company. However, benefit programs require close attention. Capturing and reviewing the data needed for time-off, retirement plans and life insurance programs can be tricky […]

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The Buck Stops With The CFO. Can You Handle The Pressure?

The responsibility for timely, accurate payroll management rests with the chief financial officer (CFO).  Processing payroll can be complex, especially with changing variables that often arise with employees or with regulatory requirements.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduces an even greater burden for capturing and reporting payroll data.  Since the buck stops with the CFO, […]

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Proper and Easy to Use Payroll Management is a “Must Have” for Your Business

When you think about “must have” items, you probably think of water to drink or shoes to protect your feet. Similar to the necessities in life, payroll management is a necessity in business. Whether you have 2 or 150 employees, you need to make sure payroll is timely and accurate. You don’t want to shortchange […]

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5 Payroll Implementation Tips for Organizations to Consider for a Successful Implementation

The contract is signed; you have evaluated the alternatives and selected Microsoft Dynamics GP software package and an implementation partner. You are about to take your vision of a new efficient, powerful payroll system and make it reality. But are you ready?  Here are 5 things to consider for organizations implementing payroll in-house. Prepare your staff.  […]

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