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What’s Best: Dynamics 365, 365 On-Premise, or A Hybrid?

Updated 05/04/2017: Are you shopping for ERP, and find yourself wondering, "What's best for my business? Dynamics 365 in the cloud or on-premise, or a Hybrid Configuration?" All three solutions offer an ERP platform that uniquely fits your business.  Discover and glean insights from the comparison and contrast of Microsoft's on-premise software with both the […]

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Cloud ERP vs. On-Premise ERP: Still Controversial or Old News?

Market acceptance of Cloud ERP has grown tremendously over the past few years. However, there is still much debate surrounding the cost-effectiveness and benefits of these solutions. Some say that Cloud maintenance is more expensive than on-premise. They argue that hosting costs are high and that you still need in-house IT staff to manage your […]

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Are you a Dark Knight or a Man of Steel when it comes to ERP deployment?

There are many important questions that you have to ask yourself when deciding to implement a new ERP solution for your business. We would like to suggest one more that should be added to your list… who do you prefer, Batman or Superman? While the relevance might not seem instantly obvious, after watching the latest […]

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Infographic: Dynamics ERP Deployment Options Business Your Way – Cloud or On-Premise

Businesses today need flexibility when deploying new technologies. Your business is no exception. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can choose the model that makes the most sense for your business, whether on-premises or in the cloud, even hosted, or a combination. Plus, you’ll have the elasticity to adjust as your needs change. With the ability to […]

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Data Security in the Cloud

The most arguable myth about cloud ERP solutions refers to organizational data not being as secured as in an on-premise solution. In fact, SaaS security and privacy of data has proved to be customers’ biggest concern. The top 4 most important issues about data security in the cloud are: 1. Your data storage location This […]

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